We believe that a software must be functional, useful and pleasant to use. We stand to the philosophy of the utility, simplicity, transparency and effectiveness. We would like to share with you some of our ideas.

Presentation x Practical Estimates

Not all of the PowerPoint or Flash presentations work properly in practice. The numbers show gains, but the lack of practice and effective use, hide the problems that spend time and resources of the organization. We allow you to use our systems in practice, so that you can see the real gains in the use of them before making any hiring.

Importance of Procedure

The managers often draw diagrams and flow charts, often very complex ones, that represent the operation on the system of information without thinking of the difficulties of the everyday time of the employees. We attempt to understand the user, trying to reach their viewpoints and thinking about the process.

Simplicity in the Purpose

We could develop very tough and complete tools, but this is not our goal. We believe that a software must be very simple in its purpose. We love the simplicity and avoid the “fight for the greed.” Our systems are very straight and focused on their proposes.

Solving real problems

We always attempt to provide the best solutions to specific problems. We like listening to our customers and users in order to be aware of their real needs. We avoid imagining what problems would exist, we prefer to develop systems with the minimum of functionality and then attend to requests of the real problems.

The interface is Essential

Working and only working isn’t enough, it’s got to work with a simple interface as well as be easy to use. As a proof that we believe it, we have developed the Colloquial Technology, this allows the interpretation of phrases written literally. An user may type “the day after tomorrow” or even “15th of the month to come” and our systems understand the right date clearly. This way, we speed up the entry time of the data. An well thought interface steams up the user’s application and enhance the implementation.


Before developing any web application, we stop to sift the real utility of the system to the bottom. We believe that our users and customers will be satisfied only if the system we offer help them in their everyday time, serving as an useful appliance for the execution of their duties.

Organization and Integration

A company must be very organized in all the processes to keep on business. We want to help this organization. Above this, we understand that it isn’t worth using ?reclusive systems? that do not communicate with the outside. Our tools are easily integrated to existing processes of the organizations and to other systems they use, or will get to use in the future.

We believe in Small-sized Enterprises

We are a small-sized organization. And we want that. Small enterprises are more flexible and able to adapt faster to business. We believe so, and we also realize that it isn’t viable for the small ones to hire solutions for softwares and technology using the model the market is settled today, for high costs of implantation and investment on hardware and software. We present our products as they were continuous services and we host them on the Internet, with no need of initial investments, which is very viable for companies of any size.